School Site Council

School Council
Site Based Leadership
The School Council is a site-based leadership team that focuses on student achievement and success. The team meets quarterly and everyone is invited to attend the meetings. The agenda will be posted on the front doors and the minutes will be posted on the board in the main hallway. See Mrs. Riebe or Dr. Loya for more information.
School Site Council Members
Debbie Gayheart: Facilitator
Contact Debbie Gayheart 
Sarah Riebe: Certified Staff
Contact Sarah Riebe 
Pilar Serna: Teacher Representative
Contact Pilar Serna  
Kathie Skinner: Teacher Representative
Contact Kathie Skinner  
Jessica Westerman: Parent Representative
Contact Jessica Westerman  
Meghand Cigrand: Parent Representative
Contact Meghan Cigrand  
Christopher Loya: Administrative Representative 
Contact Chris Loya  
Margaret Richardson:Community Representative
Easton Mendoza: Student Representative
Meeting Schedule

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